Artwave 2017

This year in Artwave, I wish to group all my paintings under a different title taken from a different part of my experience of painting.  Again, there is a strong sense of the natural world.  Every Sunday morning I sit in Quaker Meeting, absorbing the feelings of being immersed in a community of love and worship, so I am calling my paintings: “My Community of Faith”.  I sit in my wheelchair just below a window through which shines strong colours: the intense blue of the sky against vivid green foliage – so there is harmony in love and worship within the Meeting House and this is what I want to paint.

Susanna Lobb
Brighton, July 2017


ARTWAVE  August 2016

Why so much blue?   You may well be asking… blue sure enough is very much my favourite colour. . .

And of course, the colour of the sky and of the sea.  It is also reputed to be the colour of the robe of the Virgin Mary.  I am not a Roman Catholic but after I had survived a life-threatening operation in February 2013, for an aortic aneurism, I spent many months in hospital, in a cubical surrounded by blue curtains.  Periodically, someone kind such as a nurse or a doctor or a relative would part the blue curtains and make me happy with their ministrations. When I came out of hospital and started to paint, the manufacturers of artists’ materials obligingly introduced just the right blue for me:  Daler-Rowney  a new range of acrylic paint, named ‘Graduate’ in ‘Metallic Blue’.

But this does not explain my paintings.    I wanted to paint happiness. Bright circles easily suggest flowers.  Flowers certainly make me very happy, as they do most other people, but I decided to name the whole series of paintings: ‘My Garden of Earthly delight’, after the term coined 600 years ago in Belgium by the painter Hironimus Bosch, because many other things make me very happy; I have ten grandchildren, all healthy and thriving, so they form part of my earthly delights in a big way.  I have a dear husband who takes care of me and I have much love and care from the professional carers who are appointed to take care of me with gentleness and carefulness. I am surrounded with love and joy and these are indeed my earthly delights. I listen to beautiful music and receive much friendship which is given to me as a member of this Quaker Meeting.

Why bother to paint happiness?  I spent nearly thirty years as a psychotherapist trying to help people learn that their happiness lies inside their own heads and that we can choose our own thoughts and what we focus on. I have two daughters who teach me this; whenever I speak of sad, distressing things, they always says to me: ‘Mum, don’t go there’, reminding me to leave all the sad, bad and ugly things in my experience of the world – no point in dwelling on war and violence, painful losses and cruelty, when we can fill our hearts and our minds with loving others, the N.H.S., Bach and Mozart and Schubert and colour, warmth and playfulness.


There is God-given beauty in our world.


Susanna Lobb  July 2016